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I found this community after engaging with them on social media. I joined the free discord and immediately I noticed members and mods alike were eager to help. Whether you’re a new trader, a struggling trader or a successful trader looking for like minded traders, this laid back community has all of the tools and resources to help you create a strategy, refine your existing strategy or work on your psychological approach to trading. Truly a well rounded community with too many benefits to mention without making this review sound like an ad. Joining has benefited me so much that I hope this review motivates someone else to join and see that these guys are the real deal.

savvyone Traders

I've been a member for quite a while now. FL has everything one needs for a perfect trading start. The courses, extremely detailed and well constructed. The community, extremely helpful and supportive. Not even gonna mention how the funding scheme is an absolute smash. Absolutely great idea with the funding, allowing even those with almost no capital to trade and earn off their skills they develop here at FL. To conclude it al, definitely a must have.

Chris A Traders

They are very supportive with their clients whenever they have a concern. Kudos to the team!

DutcaPatrick Traders

I found myself wanting to learn how to trade. Was up and down jumping between strategies and mentor but what i oacked was a stable and structured community. Forex league filled that void. The course pretty much has everything you might need to succeed. Talk less of the support and mentor ship you get with the program. This course is a game changer! Its only a matter of time before this course changes the lives of thousands cuz it did change mine

serjiomati Traders

Optionlounge is the best trading community. Absolute seriousness and competence on the part of those who manage. Nothing to take away from the many useful services they offer, such as the possibility of receiving challenges at a very low price, practically free. Undoubtedly a great experience.

wdcorbitt Traders

You're the best guys. I expect you to upgrade to bootstrap 5.0v, I'm working with it, and I can say that it has many new features.

DutcaPatrick Traders

Optionlounge is top notch! From the day that I’ve joined there has always been support from forex league and the community surrounding. But not just support, it’s taken to another level with everyone being so eager to learn and listen, there are always set weekly calls and even smaller group calls available as well! Support has also ALWAYS resolved issues within a very reasonable amount of time. All in all i feel blessed to have such an amazing opportunity with the best prop firm and the support of everyone in it!

M morsch Traders

Optionlounge has an excellent community, mentors and support staffs always there to help u out. Optionlounge membership program has helped me a lot in building a good strategy.

Henry J Traders

Solved my trade problem in 10 minutes. We thank you.

Richard S. Traders

Great support, great community, monthly membership challenges forex league has made learning and funding easy. Shoutout to the support always active and ready to assist.

Kelvin R. Traders

Excellent and at a great price... thank you very much!

AnnaHorno Traders

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